Hope For Tomorrow Rwanda

To share the gospel of Christ to the most vulnerable in our community, ministering to the person as a whole. 

About Us

Infant progam

If a mother dies in childbirth, the cost of formula costs more than the average income! A disabled women with the mentality of a 6 year old is raped in her 40's and nursing is traumatic. A mother has someone offer to buy her newborn twins and she feels "Either I sell them, or take them home to die." too malnourished to nurse. We offer the nutritional essentials, home visits, and support. Emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Ministering to the whole person in the whole family. 

Bible study

We offer two bible studies through out the week in our office. Our goal is to share the gospel of Christ and that the families would come to maturity in their faith, minister in their own communities, and know the ultimate and only hope of Jesus Christ. 

Literacy classes

When one of our families had a problem with their landlord, we asked if they signed a lease. They did but couldn't read it. Without the ability to read and write, it makes the vulnerable more susceptible to be taken advantage of. Less power over their circumstances and life. We offer literacy classes to the community to empower them to have more control over their lives, make more educated choices for their futures, and the pride of doing what they thought would never be possible 

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