What is the elderly program?


To share the gospel in both word and deed to the elderly in our area. This consists of home visits to them, social gatherings, and paring moms with elderly in their area. This gives the elderly a chance to mentor the younger moms, and the moms to assist the elderly and provide socialization. We also aim to provide comfort care. Weather that is a mattress so they are not sleeping on a dirt floor, or other areas. 


All the elderly in our program meet two requirements. They have little to no family involvement. They are a poverty level 1 or 2. (the lowest two levels) 

Why get involved?

Our heart is for the most vulnerable. The elderly is often overlooked. They have so much to offer to those in our community!! We desire to share the gospel with them, and make sure the elderly is not overlooked and value their knowledge, experience, and the vast things they have to offer.