What is the participation store?


We are not giving hand out's in our program, and we constantly tell those in Hope For Tomorrow, we are investing in them. Because you invest in things you find valuable. We find them valuable. And to avoid feelings of helplessness and to give them more empowerment over their lives. We created the participation store where they can "shop" for extra's. Clothe diapers, clothes, panties, soap, oil, rice.... 

How do they earn bucks?

They earn bucks by participating in community, participating in services. If we have a workshop, or training, they receive bucks for coming. They receive bucks for helping in our community garden. For helping in the community and other moms in the program. For helping the elderly. For coming to literacy class and completing homework. Providing childcare during literacy classes, or other trainings. 


On the first Friday of every month, we have a fellowship lunch. This is a time that everyone can come together, worship, sing, dance, eat, and have fun together. Fun is important!! It is a special time each month for everyone in the program. Weather we serve beans and rice, or meat and ubugali (cassava bread). Since that first Friday we don't have our literacy classes or bible study, we open the store for the mom's to "shop." after lunch.